Crew hire, studios and equipment

We approach each production differently; each client has their own requirements and budgets vary widely, we are able to match these with the huge choices that are available in Spain.

From small hotel conference rooms to large studios we have produced web broadcasts, live television programs, advertising shoots with major celebrities, every one poses technical and budgetary considerations, experienced English speaking crews, the latest cameras and lenses, lighting and dolly equipment, cranes and aerial photography.

You want the most for your money and the best experience of filming in Spain.

In-house equipment



Panasonic HPX500 with Canon standard and wide angle lenses.
2 x 32gb P2 cards.
Tripod Sachtler 18SB.
Datavideo 8´ Monitor.
LitePanels on camera lighting.
Mattebox with filters.
Sony Z1 with wide angle adaptor.
Manfrotto tripod.
Datavideo 8´ Monitor.
Remote zoom control.



Sound devices 302 audio mixer.
Sennheiser K6 Me 66 rifle mic with rycote softie.
Carbon fibre boom pole.
Sennheiser G2 radio mics.
Coles Lip Mic.
Sennheiser Headphones.
Cables etc..



Chimera Troilet 1K with medium Chimera.
Dedolight 3 x 150w with gobo and small Chimera.



Location editing.
Macbook Pro with Final cut studio 2.
External Lacie drives.
Duel adaptor for P2 capture in the field.

Edit suite

Mac Pro 8 core with Final cut studio 2.
6gb Ram.
Various external drives.
30´Apple monitor.
Behringer Truth B2031A monitor speakers.