News and documentaries

Peter has worked as a freelance cameraman and shoot edit for the last ten years in Spain.  His clients include BBC News, Al Jazeera English, CNN International, Bloomberg, CCTV, APTN and CBS amongst others.  He has also shot many documentaries for international broadcasters as well as corporate work for many companies.  Able to produce cut packages in the field and under pressure, he is familiar with Editing and FTP, Quicklink, Bgan satellite transmission and live satellite trucks.  Working with local foreign correspondents he has covered the most important news stories from Spain over the last 10 years.

BBC News Clips

Spanish Flag and the World Cup – Sarah Rainsford – July 2011
General Strike in Spain – Sarah Rainsford – Mar 2011
Labour Crisis – Steve Kingstone – May 2009
Wind Power – Steve Kingstone – April 2009

Al Jazeera English

Francos Grave – Peter Sharp – December 2011
Barcelona´s last bullfight – Sonia Gallego – Sept 2011
Youth Unemployment in Canary Islands – Emma Hayward – Aug 2011

These are some of the Productions that we have worked on over the last eight years.

th sacredmusic DOCUMENTARY
Sacred Music – Thomas Luis de Vitoria
Production company / BBC Classical music
Broadcast 2011
Concert in Madrid with British choir The Seven recording for BBC television, co-production with TVE Spanish television.
th sacredmusic2 DOCUMENTARY
Sacred Music – Thomas Luis de Vitoria
Production company / BBC Classical Music
Broadcast 2011
Documentary to accompany televised concert telling the story of Spanish composer Vitoria
th impossible  ADVERTISING
Qatar World cup bid
Production company / New Moon London
Produced in 2010
Large budget promotional video to promote Qatars bid for the World cup, with Josep Guardiola. Studio, green screen and motion tracking.
Qatar World cup bid
Production Company / New Moon London
Produced in 2010
Promotional video shot in many locations in Barcelona to run with a live event announcing the entry of Qatar into the bidding process.
th descent DOCUMENTARY
Series / The Private Life of a Master Piece III.
The descent from the cross, Van der Wyder.
Production company / Fulmar TV.
Channel/ BBC. Broadcast 2010
Private Life Of A Masterpiece delves into the turbulent times of this iconic portrayal of Christ, charting its history from its inception and rise to fame, to reportedly surviving a shipwreck and in more recent times becoming one of the first paintings to be featured on Google Earth.
th bbcscience
Series / The Story of Science.
Who are we?
Production company / BBC Television.
Channel / BBC. Broadcast 2010
Michael Mosley takes an informative and ambitious journey exploring how the evolution of scientific understanding is intimately interwoven with society's historical path. An introduction to the work that Spanish Scientist Santiago Ramon y Cajal did on the structure of the nervous system.
El Ruedo
Production company / Coyotemedia
In production
Observational documentary set in a poor housing estate in Madrid. Filmed over three years we follow the turbulent lives of the locals, through births deaths and marriages.
 th private DOCUMENTARY
Stanley goes to Europe.
Production company / Brook Lapping.
Channel/ Channel 4. Broadcast 2007
Stanley Johnson father of London Mayor Boris and ex-euro MP, travels around Europe looking at EU financed projects and the environmental damage they are causing.
Religion and Ethics.
Production company /Thirteen WNET.
Channel / PBS. Broadcast 2006
PBS special investigation into the state of the Catholic church in Spain, newly elected socialist government had legalised same sex marriage and was considering formalising abortion laws.
Make poverty history.
Client / Make Poverty History
Filming various presonalities in Spain including David Beckham and Zidane.
The Greatest Dishes.
Production company / ShineLondon.
Channel / Sky TV. Broadcast 2005
th biglie  DOCUMENTARY
The big lie
Production company / Coyotemedia for Scottish Screen
Golden Horse International Film Festival Taiwan.
Edinburgh International Film Festival.
EcDoc. Ecuador International Documentary Festival.
Warsaw Documentary festival
Mexico City Film festival
Rooftop film festival New York
A short creative documentary about the spanish civil war seen through the eyes of the last living volunteer of the Scottish International Brigades. Steve Fullarton went to fight fascism in Spain in 1934 before it spread to the rest of Europe.
Football Manager. Playstation 2004.
Video sequences for playstation game Football Manager 2004 with Real Madrid Manager del Bosque.
Impossible is Nothing
Beckham for Adidas 2004.
Client / JOHN LOVE.
Filming interviews and extra material from an advertising shoot for Adidas impossible is nothing campaign
th sacredmusic DOCUMENTARY
Series / The Private Life of a Master Piece II.
The 3rd of May 1808, Goya.
Production company / Fulmar TV.
Channel/ BBC. Broadcast 2004
Documentary tracing the history of Goyas Painting the Third of May, Retracing the french invasion of Spain and Goyas interepretation of the uprising in Madrid against the occupiers.
The Map Makers.
Production company / Wild Dream Films.
Channel / CHANNEL 4. Broadcast 2003
The programme looks at the nature of map-making of the early 16th century and the use of maps for navigation. Examining in detail one of the worlds most important maps, the first to project the globe.
FIFA 2003
Roberto Carlos photo shoot and making of for Fifa 2003.
Life and work of Francisco de Goya.
Production company / Seventh Art.
Channel / CHANNEL 5. Broadcast 2002
A look across the work of Francisco Goya, from his early tapestries to the Royal commisions, his black period and death in Bordeaux.
A tale of water in three cities.
Production company / Coyotemedia
Client / Asian Developent Bank. Shown 2003
Three cities and three stories of how small water providers work to sell clean running water to poor population. Made for the Asian Development Bank for the second Kyoto conference.
Murder in Paradise.
Production company / Darlow Smithson.
Channel / CHANNEL 4. Broadcast 2002
A British woman is brutally murdered in Palma de Mallorca, Spain. Police have tried and failed to find her killer in this close knit British community, they want to close the case but the murderer is still unknown. This documentary sets out to discover who the woman was and why she was killed.
Casting for DOVE Beauty products.
Client / NEW MOON. 2001
Organising street casting, photo shoot and studio casting, advert shot in London.