Location producer

Spain has a wide variety of climates and terrain excellent for filming but it can be difficult to work here if you dont know how Spanish people think.  A local producer should know how to deal with the bureaucracy and how to talk to people to get the best of everything.

We are always delighted to talk to you about your production needs here, to make suggestions and to advise you about permissions, suggest locations and recommend English speaking crews.

Sara has been working since 2000 as a location producer for TV documentaries and for Corporate productions, in that time she has grown her network of contacts and has tremendous experience of working in many parts of Spain and in many different environments. If you need a Tuna fisherman or an expert in the Iberian Lynx, if you want to discover where the dead bodies from Goyas 3rd of May lie, a killer on the run in Mallorca or a first edition of Don Quixote then she knows where to find them.